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Tutorial insert pictures

MessagePosté: Jeu 1 Nov 2012 06:58
par Eddy
Here, you're write your text....

After, you can insert a picture directly on forum...

You can insert an image directly on the forum

Image 1 - Step 1: Click "Add attachments"

Image 2 - Step 1: Click on the "Name" box
Image 2 - Step 2: Click "Browse" to select the photo you want to insert
Image 2 - Step 3: When the picture has been selected, click "Add file"

and finally, each inserted image, you click "Insert into Post"

insertion.png (4.52 Kio) Vu 27738 fois

and the image is positioned on the forum, and this is more aesthetic.
In addition, photos are saved as.

My English is so poor, but I hope you understand me anyway? :roll: